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Looking for a favorite necklace or pendant? Bring style and elegance to your everyday look or for a special occasion with our wide selection of necklaces and pendants. Don’t be surprise if all you want is Nahyana

Butterfly Necklace

Create the perfect combination of elegance and style for every occasion with our exquisite butterfly necklace.

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Rose quartz necklace

Feel beautiful with our rose quartz necklace and be inspired by its elegance and healing properties.

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Buddha Necklace

Embrace Buddha's teachings and express positivity with a stylish and meaningful Buddha necklace.

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Necklaces: The Perfect Finishing Touch

  • Necklaces are a versatile and fashionable way to express personal style and add meaning to any outfit.
  • Carnelian necklaces bring good luck and protection, with a warm orange hue.
  • Rose quartz necklaces have healing properties associated with love and peace, in soft pink tones.
  • Necklaces with pictures inside offer a poignant and heartfelt present, for keeping a loved one close.
  • A silver Cuban link chain offers a bold, manly appeal.
  • Sterling silver is ideal for delicate, feminine necklaces with exquisite patterns.
  • Buddha necklaces offer calm and peace, and display cultural or personal background.
  • Clover necklaces are traditional and timeless, bringing good luck and versatility to any outfit.
  • A necklace is the perfect way to customize your wardrobe and showcase your interests and personality.


The centerpiece of any elegant style, sunflower necklaces are more than just accessories. They represent the spirit of those who wear them.




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